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Tom Black, Associate Vice Provost & University Registrar, Stanford University - Empowering students to tell their story.

Dr. Black spoke of the challenges of bending old infrastructures (space, the methods we use to measure learning, the transcript) to accommodate the kinds of engagement institutions need today:

  • "transcripts are a chronology, not a representation of learning". They aren't organized in a way to allow for a conversation about a student's journey . Transcripts only really make sense to faculty who know the curriculum.
  • "measurements of learning are flawed and record only disciplinary knowledge"
  • "the role of the portfolio is to narrate the story of a student's be the connective tissue"
  • Stanford has introduced a Certified Electronic Diploma alongside the traditional transcript. These diplomas and certificates are digitally signed using Adobe Certified Document Services and can be independently validated through Stanford's website.  Stanford worked with CeCredential Trust to develop the technology. Dr. Black is hopeful that this technology will increase the likelihood of being able to credential smaller chunks of learning.
  • Black sees value in lengthening the time , in which students are expected to complete a credential ( to as much as 10 years)

 Dr. Sheryl Grant, Director of Alternative Credentials and Badge Research, HASTAC - What is evidence of learning?

Dr. Grant highlighted the many parallels between the eportfolio community and the emerging open badge movement. She provided an overview of what badges are and are not. Badges may be useful as a "shortcut" to allow employers, recruiters, peers to know where to "drill down" to get at the specific evidence they are seeking about an individual. Portfolios provide the deeper record of evidence.

A significant challenge is that while badge issuers and employers are excited by the potential of these alternative forms of learning recognition, learners have not shown the same level of enthusiasm. In spite of the challenges, Grant feels that if ePortfolios are "the infrastructure to facilitate the move from teaching to learning" (Batson), open badges may be "the infrastructure behind the move from authority to credibility".

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Dr. Susan Kahn, Director, ePortfolio Initiative and Director of Institutional Effectiveness, IUPUI

Dr. Kahn delivered the inaugural "Batson" lecture. She provided background on the formation of an ePortfolio task force at IUPUI that developed an ePortfolio mission statement to solidify the "case" for ePortfolios in supporting institutional mission and goals.

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