CNIE 2014 @ TRU

Canadian Network for Innovation in Education 2014 conference May 13-16 at Thompson Rivers University



Digital storytelling and Utopia in the Classroom

Teaching with Digital Technologies: TPACK

Online Coaching as a Relationship of Inquiry: Mathematics, online help, and emotional presence.



Design & Development

Bootstrapping Quality by Design (see Giulia Forsythe's graphic note)

Emerging Educational Technologies: Decision Making Strategies for Diverse Learning Environments

 Open Online Course Development: Challenges and Promises



Tools & Environments

eVIP: Electronic Virtual Patients

Using Google Apps for Eportfolios

Engaging a Campus Community to Facilitate Change

The Media is the Pedagogy





Audrey Watters -- "Against Innovation":

"Our response to both changing technology and to changing education must involve politics...We confuse “innovation” with “progress...We forget that “innovation" does not give us justice. “Innovation” does not give us equality. “Innovation" does not empower us....

We achieve these things when we build a robust civic society, when we support an engaged citizenry. We achieve these things through organization and collective action. We achieve these things through and with democracy; and we achieve — or we certainly strive to achieve — these things through public education."

Nancy White


Notes and resources

Brian Lamb: Eat the Data

Brian asks "what happened to the web we fell in love with"? And highlights the following ways Learning Management Systems suck:

  • it's a "system" (efficiency, time-saving, production line)
  • reinforces silos (no one can see each other's spaces)
  • missed opportunities (students do computer busy work instead of interacting and creating)
  • costs institutions huge amounts of money and technical resources
  • errodes confidence in the ability of technology and technologists to do good things

(Slides here but won't be the same without the soundtrack: