Terms and conditions

Our obligations

KPU will undertake all reasonable steps to provide all users with a safe , secure, and operational electronic portfolio system. 

The KPU ePortfolios site will occasionally be unavailable for short periods of time for system maintenance. We will endeavour to provide at least 7 working days notice of any scheduled outage.

All problems should be reported to the IT Service Desk through the IT@KPU Self Service Portal. You are encouraged to report objectionable material or inappropriate behaviour to the IT Service Desk immediately. 

Site Administrators may access your portfolio and its contents at anytime, however they will avoid doing so unless specifically required to support your use of the ePortfolio system or as per these Terms and Conditions.

KPU reserves the right to delete any portfolio or account after 24 months of inactivity. 

Your obligations

Use of KPU ePortfolios is subject, but not limited to, the same policies that apply across the KPU learning environment, in particular:

You are responsible for ensuring you have appropriate permission to reproduce and publish any work that is not your own. Incidents of plagiarism will be dealt with in accordance with KPU's Plagiarism policy.

You must not use your portfolio to store or display offensive material. Reports of any objectionable material within your ePortfolio may result in your account being suspended and your access frozen pending an investigation.

You should not display personal information such as your Student ID number, home address, or personal contact information on your profile page as this information  is accessible to anyone with an account on this site. Any unsolicited contact you receive as a result of personal information you have publicly released via your portfolio is your responsibility, however any misconduct in behaviour from users of the system should be reported to the IT Service Desk immediately.

We recommend that you make periodic backups of your portfolio which you can do by exporting your portfolio as a LEAP 2A file. You may also export a standalone HTML version of your portfolio. See: Export my ePortfolio

File Storage Quota: The default quota is set at 200 MB. To see how much of your quota you have used, go to the  Content/Files area of your portfolio. If you are nearing the quota, please submit a request for additional space to the IT Service Desk. Requests for added space are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.