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Unable to Find students via Shared with Me

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19 October 2019, 12:48 PM

Fall 2019
I’m having trouble finding student assignments through the Shared With Me tool.  I’ve used this before with success and can usually just put in a first name of a student, and his or her portfolio comes up in the list.  This Fall I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work consistently.  I’ve spoken to Mustafa who told me one student “didn’t share her portfolio correctly” and he fixed it. But this is happening with multiple students and I’ve reviewed with them all how to share it with me.  Is there anything going on affecting the search function?  Can this be fixed? What’s the solution? I want to give my students feedback before they submit via Moodle for grading.  



13 February 2020, 10:03 AM


Same here. It feels like I am spending more time looking for the pages than commenting on them. Help! 

Spring 2020


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