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Background Skins

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19 September 2019, 12:13 AM

How come you can't set it to have a background that takes up the full page? I tried doing a custom css with a link to an art image on my flick feed, and it worked once - BUT it totally messes up the fonts etc. and I actually like the default fonts.


I'd love for my artwork to be displayed as a full screen background image. I don't know why this is NOT an option. It looks juvenile otherwise - to be repeated constantly, like I was in high school and we are not in high school!

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20 September 2019, 3:21 AM

Ok, I figured out how to get it to stretch and fill the background - on the background page, you can select > BACKGROUND IMAGE REPEAT > DON'T REPEAT; BACKGROUND IMAGE ATTACHMENT > FIXED; BACKGROUND IMAGE POSITION > CENTERED.

But again, this cuts out the nice KPU style default font of OPEN SANS (which isn't an option on the SKINS page) and it gets rid of the red lines etc which I actually like as seen here:

2019-09-20 (1).png


And here it is with my skin applied, I have my background image but all the custom fonts are gone:


How do you get red lines back? How can you get the Kwantlen default fonts? 

Maybe in the page settings, it should have an option for putting in a background only, without creating a custom skin. Could Mahara add BACKGROUND as a tab in a page settings, which could be in between LAYOUT and SKINS? Or is that something Kwantlen can do?

2019-09-20 (2).png

If Kwantlen can't then you should send that idea to Mahara so they can add it in a future release. We should be able to add a background without it impacting everything else. When adding a background image to any page within an e-portfolio you should always be able to retain the functionality of the font and format changing options of each text box area. Cause from what I can see right now when you apply a skin it overrides all the beautiful options in each text box area, as seen here:

2019-09-20 (3).png

All these formatting options in this area are not on the skins page that I can see, it has totally different options and they are much different - for example above Font Sizes are pts, but on the skins page it's only in small smaller larger etc.:

2019-09-20 (4).png


So, it seems there are two options that should be seriously looked at:

  • either the skins page should be made to offer all the formatting options in the text boxes; or
  • add a separate way of just adding a background to the settings area without using a skin.

I think the later option would be the easiest. 

I hope I'm making sense!

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20 September 2019, 3:29 AM

Of course I could be missing how to add a background without it being tied to a skin - it might be somewhere I'm not looking?

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20 September 2019, 3:54 AM

Ok I figured out how to adjust the colours of different headings... which also controls the colours of the various lines throughout the page... I adjusted the heading text colour and the emphasized text colour to get something a bit close to the KPU red which I like. I want to use that on my bio because I served as a student representative on the board of governors and education council and worked in the KSA. What colour code is KPU red?

2019-09-20 (5).png

Ultimately though, I still think this would be much easier though I think if there was a way to add a background image to each page within a portfolio other than adjusting the skins! Cause all the formatting options already exist in each section you add and their are more options as I mentioned above. 


Sorry for the long posts! This is much different than say WordPress or SquareSpace which I've used before. 

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20 September 2019, 10:42 AM

Ok this still isn’t working when I view it on an iPad in either chrome or safari or Firefox. It stays only in one part of the background and won’t stay fixed in the background as it is on my desktop browsers.



It stays I’m the position identified on the skins page with white space - it doesn’t stay fixed in the background as I scroll down. If I change to repeat then it’s back to tiles which again I hate as its juvenile high school like I might have done twenty years ago on tripod or angelfire or live journal.



same thing on the bio page. I’ve wasted 7 hours on trying something that would take seconds in Squarespace. I only have it fill the screen there on my homepage where it even rotates image to image at ...



This is how it looks in all my browsers regardless of platform or device. Amhara needs this. And I hope someone responds soon ... Dorothy Barenscott wants our bio submitted Monday. I DO NOT WANT A TILE BACKGROUND 



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