Submit pages or collections for assessment

You may be required to submit ePortfolio pages or collections to Moodle for assessment. If this is the case, your instructor will have created a special type of Moodle assignment that is connected to the ePortfolio site and allows you to select your pages or collections and submit them for grading. Depending on how your instructor has set up the assignment, once you have submitted your page or collection, it may be locked until a grade or feedback is given.

To submit a page or collection to a Moodle course

  • Go to the Moodle assignment and click Add submission
  • All of your ePortfolio pages and collections will be displayed. Select the page or collection to submit
  • Click Save changes


  • On the ePortfolio site, the date and time of your submission is displayed on the Portfolio view. You may not be able to edit your page until your instructor has provided a grade or given you feedback.