Add content to a page

Tags: add content, edit page

 When your page is in edit mode, the content chooser is displayed on the left side of the page. It allows you to click and drag many types of content "blocks" to your page.


  • Use a Text block when you want to add text on a single page (If you want to re-use sections of text in multiple pages, use the Note option in the General section)
  • The Image and Media blocks allow you to upload content into your Mahara files area where it can be used in other pages and collections in your portfolio
  • The General section contains additional options including Note which can be used to reuse a block of text on multiple pages
  • The External content blocks allow you to embed external feeds and external media (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and Google Apps
  • See the Mahara user manual for a full description of all content blocks
  • Note: When uploading files or images into blocks on your page, you must check the box to verify that the content you are adding is your own or that you have the appropriate permission to use the content. The Choose Files option will be unavailable until this box is checked