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IMPORTANT: Your profile page is available to anyone who has an account on KPU's ePortfolio site. Please enter only the information you want to share with all other ePortfolio users. You should not share your ID number, home address or phone number.

KPU's ePortfolio site is integrated with KPU's Moodle site. When you log in from the Moodle site the first time, information you have in your Moodle profile (photo, introduction, email address etc.) will be automatically copied into your ePortfolio profile.

Your profile page is where you can choose what information you would like to display to others.  To access your profile page, click the "hamburger" icon at the top right of the screen. Expand the Portfolio options by clicking the arrow and click the Pages and collections link


Your profile page is displayed along with the other pages and collections you create.


By default, shared pages, groups, your wall, and your friends are displayed on your profile page. Edit the page to remove these blocks if you don't want to share this information with other members of the eportfolios site. You may add other types of blocks to your profile if you wish. It behaves like a regular eportfolio page except that you will not be able to delete your profile page.